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Loads2GO! is an advanced smartphone app giving you direct access to truck loads on Trans.eu – from wherever you are.

The app allows you to quickly search for transport offers, check contractor background information, set freight rates and conclude transactions with a few clicks on your phone. Loads2GO! is a free solution for all the Trans.eu Platform subscribers.

Why use Loads2Go!

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Automatic matching – let the loads find YOU

The freight exchange access from the your smartphone allows you to stay on top of transport orders that fit your needs. Thanks to advanced search filters and in-app notifications, you will no longer miss out on attractive freight offers. The automatic loads-matching feature saves time while allowing you to earn more. Relax while contractors find you.

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Transactions with a few clicks

Chat and negotiate interesting offers with clients directly in the app. Thanks to the built-in live messenger, you can specify your conditions and agree on all the details, before accepting a transport order. Complete the assignment on your smartphone in just a few clicks.

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Security of cooperation

In Loads2GO! user ratings and key background information about a contractor can be found. Check and verify a given company´s payments behaviour, documentation, certificates and insurances as well as the TransRisk index. This enables you to quickly but safely decide cooperation with a new client.

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Finding loads along the route

Do you still have available truck loading space while on the road? Are you looking for return loads? Simply use the option to search for loads by route. Based on your GPS coordinates, the app will continuously search for a list of available freight offers near your vehicle´s position. You can easily find such offers via notifications on your smartphone.

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and enjoy access to thousands of freights. Conclude transactions wherever you are.

You don't have a phone at hand?
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Available Loads2Go! functions

Freight and vehicle exchange

Advanced search filters

Rate negotiation

Automatic notifications of offers

Search offers by route

Contractor´s background info

Live messenger with auto-translation

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